Weekly Weigh In

scaleSurgery has been successful so far.  Swelling has gone down.  My skin at the site on my wrist will remain tender and I still have quite a bit of bruising that needs to go away.  Most of the bruising is yellow with touches of green except in my palm where there are still some dark blue areas.  Bruises will be gone within a week.

Stats for this week:

  • Starting weight: 191 lbs (9/7/2014)
  • Today: 154.5 lbs (12/10/2014)
  • Loss to date: 36.5 lbs
  • Remaining: 25.5 lbs



Wednesday Weigh In

turkeyHappy Thanksgiving!  This year we went to my In-Laws for Thanksgiving.  I had already decided that I was going to just eat turkey, salad, and whatever non saucy vegetable they offered.  Other than having a second helping of a small piece of turkey (about 2 oz.) I stuck to my plan.  My MIL was nice enough to make sugar-free jello for me for dessert.  I didn’t feel deprived because I didn’t have mashed potatoes, bread or sweet potato casserole.  I felt full and we had a great time with my husbands parents.  I couldn’t ask for better In-Laws.  They raised a wonderful, caring, and giving son who I am very fortunate to have met and married.

Stats for this week:

  • Starting weight: 191 lbs
  • Today: 159 lbs (11/26/2014)
  • Loss to date: 32 lbs
  • Remaining: 29 lbs

Can you believe that I am less than 30 lbs from my goal weight!  I am so thrilled with the results I have gotten from TSFL/Medifast.  My success is due to many factors.

  1. I am ready to change how I eat.  I have changed my view on food.  I view it as fuel and not as a treat because I had a bad or good day.  I am not going to eat food in response to my emotions, I am going to eat when I need to.  I have also learned that I need to fill my plate halfway with vegetables, 1/4 with protein and the last quarter for an optional food.
  2. I changed “I can’t” eat that to “I don’t” eat that.  It’s not that a certain food is forbidden for me to eat. (We all know how forbidden foods lead to craving.)  It’s that I don’t eat that.  Just as I can’t eat dairy and acidic foods due to my chrons, I don’t eat foods that aren’t healthy at every meal.
  3. Support from my TSFL Coach Sara and from my friends and family.  Support has been invaluable to me.  Sara answers any questions I have and has offered lean & green meal ideas.  She also makes sure I have a plan in place for upcoming holidays. My family and friends aren’t bringing over cookies and cakes.  None of them pressure me to eat more or to just take a bit.  They have been my cheerleaders and I love them for helping me.
  4. I have a plan.  With less than 30 lbs to go until I reach goal, I am already planning for my maintenance step.  I am using Plan to Eat and I am creating a new recipe book that will no longer have heavy carb recipes.  I already know carbs (bread and pasta are my kryptonite) trigger binge eating for me.




Weigh In Wednesday


scaleI love fall!  I love the colors, the cool weather, but I don’t love the cravings for comfort foods it brings.  One of the reasons I tend to gain weight in the winter (other than reduced activity levels) are the food choices I make.  During the cold weather months, I tend to make casseroles and stews.  I am generally eating potatoes 3-4 times a week either mashed or cut up into stews.  This is one of the reasons I chose to start TSFL/Medifast in the fall.  I am aware of my eating patterns and I am using Medifast as a tool to break that pattern.  I have their chicken noodle soup and beef stew to eat.  I am not going to eat it when I have a craving.  I don’t want to substitute one craving for another.  I want to break that habit and form new healthier ones.

Stats for this week:

  • Starting weight: 191 lbs
  • Today: 165.5 lbs (11/5/2014)
  • Loss to date: 25.5 lbs
  • Remaining: 35.5 lbs




hong kong


I will be taking a trip in early February to meet my best friend, Vanessa, in Hong Kong.  Before I go on vacation, I have to decide how I am going to handle my diet.  I  will be within 10 lbs of my goal weight.  I have 3 options.

  1. Go off diet – It’s a vacation after all.  I will most likely never go there again.  I don’t think I will go completely off plan. If I can bypass birthday cake and my MIL’s holiday cooking, I can stay on plan.
  2. Modify my diet – I can switch over to a 4/2 plan instead of a 5/1 plan.  This is where I would have 2 lean and green meals and 4 medifast meals.  I actually like the idea of modifying my diet.  I will bring Medifast bars and drink packets and continue to eat every 3 hours.  This will allow me to try a few foods while I am on vacation.  Plus think of all the room I will have in my suitcase once I eat all my Medifast meals!
  3. Maintain my plan – I would continue to do the 5/1 plan.  I know that this is what Medifast recommends.  I don’t think this will work for me.  Many of the meals need water and a microwave.  I don’t really want to eat cereal, pretzel sticks and bars for 10 days.

Do you stick to your diet, modify it or go off diet while on vacation?  Inquiring minds want to know.



50 is coming & My Wednesday Weigh-In

I found this poem over at 300 pounds countdown.  It struck a chord with me and I thought I would share it.
I eat when I’m bored.
I eat when I’m stressed.
I eat when I’m worried.
I eat when depressed.
I eat when I’m mad
I eat when I’m sad
And wouldn’t you know it…I eat when I’m glad
I eat when I’ve lost
I eat when I’ve won
And lots of the time
I eat just for fun
Wiping tears with my cupcakes
Using twinkies for fear
Ice Cream will make any problem disappear
I celebrate good days with donuts and cake
Bad days go away if you’ll just start to bake!
Now I can’t wear a seatbelt
or fit in a booth
My health is a mess
From this silly sweet tooth
With God on my side
and hope as my friend
The weight gain will finally come to an end
40′s coming too quickly
I can’t keep it at bay
It’s time for a change
Time for a new day!
     I have several reasons for losing weight and getting healthier.  I would like to keep up with my kids.  I would like to get off some of my medicine.  Family history of health issues.  Seeing several stars hit 50 and soon die.  My goal is to be living a healthier lifestyle by 50 which will be October 2018.  This will affect my family as I will be replacing some of the foods they eat with healthier options (huge struggle).
     Yesterday I got angry with my son as I found out he already wasn’t doing his homework (school has barely started).  I suddenly was craving coke and potato chips.  I don’t keep either in the house so it was easy to resist temptation.  I am glad I am realizing that it’s just my emotions triggering my food cravings.  I have always been an emotional eater.  I need to just get up and do something and not reach for food.  It does help to know that I am not the only one feels this way.  If your going to change what your eating, don’t bring anything that you binge on into the house.  Once the kids ate up anything I would want to eat, I didn’t buy more.  Much easier to resist temptation when it’s not in your house.
pumpkin     Speaking of temptation, Halloween will soon be here.  I have one rule for Halloween.  Only bring in candy you won’t eat.  Most of the candy I like has nuts and we won’t pass any of those out for Halloween since we never know if anyone has allergies.  I don’t like starburst, skittles and kit kats.  I also wait until the day before to buy the treats.  Once my kids get home from trick or treating we go through their candy to make sure it’s safe to eat.  Then I have a small container for what they will keep and a bag for what will go into work with my husband.
     Good News!  I have lost more weight!  I am down 12 lbs total.  I love Medifast crunch bars.  When I eat a chocolate crunch bar I feel like I am sneaking something I’m not supposed to eat.  I also finally used my oatmeal Medifast meal to make cookies.  I skipped adding splenda (yuck), added in PB2, and slowly added water until everything mixed together.  I didn’t use the entire amount of water.  It really satisfied my cookie craving.
  • Starting weight: 191 lbs
  • Today: 179 lbs (10/1/2014)
  • Loss to date: 12 lbs
  • Remaining: 48 lbs
  • Goal: 130 lbs


tsflI am starting a new way of life which is a fancy way of saying I am going on a diet.  I am joining Medifast and their Take Shape for Life program.  TSFL has a free health coach while you go through Medifasts 5+1 program.  This is where you eat 5 of their meals and one lean and green meal that you make on your own.  You might think 6 meals is a lot until you consider that many of the meals are very low calorie.  You eat every 2-3 hours.  This will help keep you from feeling hungry especially when you pair it with drinking your 8 glasses of water a day.

water bottleThose 8 glasses may seem like a lot (and it is).  I have a battle plan in place for it.  I have two 32 oz. water bottles that I will be filling every morning.  My goal is to drink one by Noon and the other by 5pm.  I generally don’t have anything to drink after 5pm-6pm.  This is so I don’t end up in the bathroom at 2 in the morning.  I will have one small glass of water with my evening meal at 7pm.  You can add certain flavor enhancers to your water for the times that you just can’t bring your self to drink more water.  They do count as a condiment so remember to count it.  One of the main reasons I decided on this program is the Health Coach.

cheerWe all need a cheerleader to help keep us motivated and on track.  A Health Coach is someone who has been on the program and wants to help others succeed.  They may have completed the program and moved on to transitioning their weight or they may still be in the weight-loss phase.  I am glad to have someone (other than my husband) to help and support me.  Not sure if something is on plan?  Ask your coach.  Not sure why you are plateauing with your weight? Ask your coach.  Looking for a new meal to try?  Ask your coach.  Did I mention your coach is FREE.

I will be posting my progress periodically.  If my lean & green meals turn out ok, I will post those too.  My biggest challenge will be the lean & green and the healthy fats.  I am a very picky eater and I can only have minute amounts of diary and a lot of lean & green recipes have cheese.  I can have milk in cooked items like pancakes but not cheese or yogurt.  I’m limited to tiny amounts twice due to having Chrons.  I also can only have small amounts of anything acidic like tomatoes or oranges.  In order to make sure I am not having too much of what will trigger my Chrons to flare up, I will being using a tracking sheet I found on Pinterest.  I also have found a ton of recipes on Pinterest as well.

Weights and tape measureI have broken down my weight loss into several mini goals.  I like to use 15 lb increments.  So I will be celebrating almost every 15 lb weight loss.  How do I celebrate you ask?  I buy myself something I am going to need for a trip I will be taking in February.   My main celebration will be purchasing new clothes when I hit my goal weight.  Until then at 15 and 45 lbs, I will buy belts (for those jeans that will become too large) and I will also try to take in some of my shirts as we go along.  Currently I am a size 14/16 (depending on the brand) and when I am at my goal weight I will be an 8.  I kept my clothes from the last time I lost 30 lbs (size 12) so I won’t have to buy much between now and my goal weight.

One last benefit from this plan.  I am going to pack their food when I go on my trip in February. Then, after eating them, I will have loads of space in my suitcase to fill with souvenirs.

Today: 191 lbs
Loss to date: 0 lbs
Remaining: 61 lbs
Goal: 130 lbs