Thankful for the Internet


I am thankful for the Internet.  I feel a bit silly saying that, but the internet has empowered me to do things that I have only dreamed of doing.  Without the internet, I wouldn’t be able to research and plan my routes that I take the kids on our summer trips.  I am a bit of a control freak, so I have the need to plan optional activities and routes.  I can’t imagine doing this without the internet.

The Internet has also provided me (much to my husbands chagrin) a never-ending supply of DIY tutorials.  I would never have attempted half of the projects I have done without endless YouTube videos and visiting many websites.  Thanks to the internet, I am braver than I ever knew I could be.





One thought on “Thankful for the Internet

  1. My 92 year old Nana always says how we are so lucky we have the Internet…we can find out the answer to a question that is bugging us almost immediately and she had to wait until she could make a trip to the library. But now she has her own Ipad so she’s plugged in like the rest of us!

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