My Pets


I am thankful for all the wonderful pets I have had in my life.  From my tiny hamster to my beast of a mixed lab/great dane dog, I have loved all my fur babies.  Each pet has taught me a lesson.  Some were simple such as the larger the dog, the larger the clean up in the yard.  Then there are the big lessons, that a pet is a lifetime commitment.  Your pet will be with you for 2-18 years.  You have to have time and attention to give to your pet.  You are your pets whole life, they need your attention and love.  If you want to go out partying each night then a pet probably isn’t for you.  My most recent pet, Babe, is the one that is closest to my heart.  She will be the last full-time pet until the kids go to college.  She makes my heart complete.  Sounds strange I know, but it’s true.

Colonel, Charlie, Tina, Sasha, Pumpkin, Buddy, Audrey, Misty, Roger, & Babe (and all the strays & classroom  pets I helped take care of).  Thank you for being part of my life.








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