thanksI am thankful for all that my Grandparents have taught me.  I have been fortunate enough to know both sets of my Grandparents.  On my Fathers side are my Southern Grandparents, while on my Mothers side are my West Coast Grandparents.  I am grateful for all the love they gave me.

My Southern Grandparents gave me a love of no-bake cookies & family get togethers.  Every year, while I grew up, we would travel to Texas for Christmas.  My parents would load up our station wagon and drive non-stop from Virginia all the way to Houston, TX.  I loved staying at my Grandparents house.  I especially loved sleeping on the couch in the family room and each year I read a set of Disney books on their bookshelf.  My Grandmother always made no-bake cookies each year.  I always bee-lined to them after hello hugs and kisses.  Everyone from the family would come over and it seemed like we had an endless supply of iced tea and good times.  I very fondly remember playing football outside with my brothers and cousins in a nearby field.

My West Coast Grandparents gave me a love of adventure and traveling.  They used to drive from San Diego, CA and arrive in Virginia just in time for school to let out.  My Mom, younger brother, and I would pack up our stuff in my Grandparents 21 foot travel trailer and they drove us all around the USA and most of Canada towing the trailer with their Ford F-150.  Two years ago, I started traveling with my sons in the hopes of giving them the same love of adventure that my Grandparents gave me.  We are visiting many of the places that my Grandparents took me at the same age.

I wish they were alive so I could thank them for all that they have done for me.




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