Food is Fuel


Some of the many things I have learned from TSFL:


  • I need to eat to give my body fuel to get through the day. I eat to live, not live to eat.
  • I need to eat more vegetables.  I have discovered I love  McCormick’s Lemon Pepper seasoning.  I don’t miss butter or salt.
  • I need to eat less sugar.  Eating sugar causes me to crave eating even more.
  • I need to watch my portion sizes in todays super size world. I only eat half of what is on my plate.
  • I need to always have a snack with me so I don’t binge eat.  I have always needed to eat every 3 hours so I need to be ready.
  • I do not need to finish my plate (sorry Mom).  You aren’t wasting food if you have eaten what you need.
  • I do not need to stuff myself, drinking a lot of water with my meals helps me to feel full.



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