Operation Gratitude

candyI absolutely love Halloween.  We usually make a maze in our garage that the local kids have to go through to get their prize (this year we will only do our front door).  Each year, we hand out candy to trick-or-treaters.  Each year, I make sure that I don’t buy any candy that I love.  For me that means absolutely no chocolate.  I can resist eating chocolate cake, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies. Put that chocolate into a bar form, wrap it up, and I’m on a slippery slope.  I won’t buy candy to hand out until the day of Halloween, just to be safe.

Once my kids bring in their treats, I will inspect it.  They will choose the ones they would like to keep and the rest will get sent to Operation Gratitude.

Operation Gratitude
17330 Victory Boulevard
Van Nuys, CA 91406-5438
ATTN: Halloween Candy/Angel Cuevas

All candy must be post marked by November 15.  You also need to separate the chocolate candy from the non-chocolate candy.

Please consider mailing your extra candy in.  Yes, it does cost you to mail them the package.  I feel it’s a small price considering all that our troops do for us.



2 thoughts on “Operation Gratitude

  1. Cheryl, if you get an extra bag, they prefer non-chocolate candy as many soldiers are in hot climates where chocolate will melt. You can also toss in some extra goodies they usually ask for such as toothbrushes.


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