Weigh In Wednesday

suck it

It always amazes me how people will start a diet and then suddenly stop a few days later.  I usually then hear complaints about how badly the diet food tastes.  The way I see it is that you can’t continue to eat as you always have and expect to lose weight and get into better shape.  During the first two weeks of TSFL I found the food bland but I want to lose weight and get healthy more than I want to continue to eat as I always have.  After those first two weeks, suddenly food was tasting better.  I have no idea why, but I began to enjoy some of Medifasts meals that I originally hated.  I no longer felt the need to put butter on my veggies.

What has really amazed me is that I no longer find the smells of certain foods irresistible.   Driving by a fast food restaurant actually makes me gag now due to the smells of their food cooking.  I used to find chocolate irresistible as well.  Now I just get a quick smell of my sons brownie as I pass it to him and I’m good.

I really do feel you have to suck it up when your dieting.  However, I only feel you only need to suck it up to a point.  Eating healthy will become a habit.  One that can lead to a lifetime of good health.

  • Starting weight: 191 lbs
  • Today: 172 lbs (10/15/2014)
  • Loss to date: 19 lbs
  • Remaining: 42 lbs
  • Goal: 130 lbs



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