31 Things About Me

31 things you might not know about me.

  1. Thyroid issues – I used to have  Graves disease.  When I was 19 my mom saw an odd shadow on my throat.  Turns out my thyroid grew to the size of a large lemon.  I was diagnosed hyperthyroid and took radioactive iodine to shrink it.  We had hoped my other half (under producing) would kick in, but it hasn’t and now I am borderline hypothyroid.
  2. Chrons Disease – Talked about this in a post.
  3. I wanted to start my own business working with preschools.  I was 80% there and the stress kept causing my Chrons to flare up so I quit.
  4. I love almost anything with fur.  We have a dog, but I love visiting friends with cats, ferrets, rabbits, even mice.  I don’t like white rats though.
  5. I have loved horses all my life.  I have never owned one and probably never will.  I have ridden English and Western.
  6. I am a quiet Christian.  I believe in God and worship in my own way.  I am not vocal about it.
  7. My Grandfather, my last Grandparent alive, died on my Birthday.
  8. I do not watch horror movies.  It’s the surprise aspect.  It’s not the kind of surprise I like.
  9. I have had gray in my hair since I was 19.
  10. My favorite foods are pasta, rice and bread.  Not surprising, I am giving up on these and will only allow myself to have them once a month once I lose weight.  Oh and chocolate, can’t forget that.
  11. I am a middle child.
  12. I have two brothers.  One I like(younger) and the other I don’t talk to (older).
  13. My first car was a green 1977 Chevrolet Caprice Classic which I flipped. (I will post a picture at the bottom of the page).
  14. I would rather be cold than too hot.  I can always put on more clothes, I can only take off so many.
  15. I read a minimum of two books a week.  Usually mystery, romance, or sci-fi.
  16. I would rather mow the lawn than clean the toilet.
  17. I rarely drink alcohol.  I can count on one hand the amount of alcoholic drinks I have had in a year.
  18. I love to find a bargain.  I find more pleasure in buying $100 shoes for $20 than I should.
  19. I have depression.
  20. My favorite TV shows are Castle, Star Trek (yes all of them), and Project Runway.
  21. I embarrass myself all the time.  I am socially inept with no filter on my mouth.  I usually don’t do social situations for this reason.
  22. I only have three close friends.
  23. My perfect date night with my husband is going to Blue Ridge Grill and eating filet mignon, medium well, with broccoli.
  24. I get a pedicure every other year.
  25. I have only had one facial.
  26. I love painting a room but I hate taping it before hand.
  27. I am a major procrastinator when it comes to what I have to do.
  28. I would rather clean/work on someone else’s house than my own.  Ex. I would rather help my mom than do my place. Insert grumbling from my husband about this.
  29. I love jewel tones.
  30. I won’t feed my dog human food.  She will on occasion get turkey, chicken or beef added to her dish as long as it hasn’t been flavored with spices.
  31. I love music but I can’t sing or play an instrument.

That was harder than I thought.  I tried to come up with things that even family and friends wouldn’t know.

The car I flipped

The car I flipped












4 thoughts on “31 Things About Me

    • I think it’s a lot more fun, especially if they are helping you. I like to surprise my mom when she goes out of town by getting some of her deep cleaning done.


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