Wednesday Weigh In

cheerI am so excited today.  Yesterday I went and bought a bunch of moulding which will take me several days to put up due to my being timid with a mitre saw.  Yes, I am still having nightmares about missing digits and even hands.  I am still going to tough it out.  What I am really excited about is my weight loss.

I know many people are dealing with body image and issues.  I do love myself the way I am.  By that I mean I love how sassy, sarcastic, and fun-loving I can be.  What I don’t love is being overweight.  I don’t enjoy having to choose to not do something spontaneously because I physically am not able to do it and will have to plan to alter what I do instead.  Where is the spontaneity in having to plan something and not being able to whole-heartedly just jump in? I want to able to race my kids up a set of stairs on the spur of the moment.  I want to drop what I am doing and go on a bike ride with them.  I can’t do that now.

tsflWhat I can do, and I am doing, is making a change.  I am using TSFL (Medifast) to begin that change.  I am using TSFL as a tool to help get me on the road to where I want to be.  Their 5/1 plan allows me to get other things done and only needing to plan one lean and green meal.  All the others I can grab and go, or I can microwave and have it ready in 4 minutes.  I find this a blessing  as I don’t have to constantly carry around an insulated bag for healthy snacks and I only have to be concerned over planning one meal.  I’m restricted to only their items other than my lean and green meal which is still restricted.  I feel that my body is getting used to tons of water a day (between 64 and 96 oz) and getting used to several small meals/snacks a day.  I have always been a grazer and eaten every 2-3 hours so this has easily fit into my life.

As a tool TSFL is helping me to drink more water, to eat smaller calorie restrictive meals and snacks and helping me to establish a pattern of better eating.  It’s October 8th and in 7 weeks Thanksgiving will be here.  I am hoping to have lost between 25lbs-30lbs by then.  I know I will be able to stick to my diet even over the holiday weekend.  I have told everyone that I am only going to eat some turkey, salad and green beans.  They will help hold me accountable if I slip.  I doubt I will.  Christmas is a whole different story.  I will cross that bridge when I get there.  I am not going to worry about it now.  I am going to focus on today.

Today I will be installing some of the moulding and painting even more.  I will focus only on todays goals and I’m not going to worry about tomorrow (unless my son has a test, then I won’t be able to not worry).  Today I will be sticking to my diet.  Today I will be celebrating how far I have come and I won’t be focusing on how far I have to do.  Today…. My pants almost fell off my hips!  So excited to have to wear a belt!  Woot! Woot!

  • Starting weight: 191 lbs
  • Today: 176 lbs (10/8/2014)
  • Loss to date: 15 lbs
  • Remaining: 45 lbs
  • Goal: 130 lbs



2 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh In

  1. I share your fear of power tools (the big saws, especially) and a struggle with weight. So happy for the success you’ve found! Keep up the good work. Nothing inspires good behavior better than seeing results!



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