Get’er Done


to do listToday I will finally be getting started on my 25 item to do list. I’m going to break it into four sections. Mouldings, paint, organizing, and final touches.

For moulding I will put up crown moulding, chair rail, or both in several rooms. These rooms are 90‰ completed and will get them to either 100% or 95%. These are the rooms I have put off for fear of losing a finger in a mitre saw. Yes, I know it’s highly unlikely to happen. Yes, I know I’m unrealistic, but the fear is still there. Time to acknowledge it and push past it.

Painting will be mostly touch ups, just one wall, or a ceiling. At one point we thought we were moving so I started prepping my walls by taking down wall art, shelves and pictures . Then I filled in all the holes. I just never got around to painting over the patching and we have lived with white patches. It’s time to get them finished. The only room I dread is our study as its red and I’m going to have to paint an entire wall.

My favorite part is organizing. I like to go through twice a year and purge stuff out of our house. My least favorite room, and the one that needs it the most is my craft room. I’m not a hoarder as I do get rid of items, but at times its pretty bad. I will also be going through the kids rooms and clearing out clothes and toys. I have a four gift rule for Christmas that helps to keep the clutter in check. They each get 4 items. 1 they want, 1 they need, 1 to wear, and 1 to read. I have already done my closet but I haven’t gone through my papers.

My final touches are a bunch of miscellaneous items. Finishing caulking in the guest bathroom, fixing grout in my bathroom, and window treatments in several rooms. I will do these last as they are the easiest. I hope after getting the hardest out-of-the-way first that it will motivate me to continue my list through to the end.

If anyone has tips on painting, installing moulding, or making your own window treatments I would love to hear them.



2 thoughts on “Get’er Done

    • I used to do yard sales but now I travel across the US every summer with my kids. Our goal is to see all by Hawaii by 2017. I hadn’t thought of checking out online garage sales. Thanks for the tip!


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