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bookshelfAs I mentioned in todays earlier post, my oldest has organizational difficulties.  Today I was going to work on one of my 25 unfinished projects, but instead did a new project that will hopefully help my son with his homework.  In case you missed my earlier post, my oldest son has ADD.  We have always been struggling with keeping him organized.

One of his main issues with being organized is that when he gets papers in class.  Instead of neatly putting it in the binder he has, he just stuffs it into a pile.  When he gets home at the end of the day, there are papers everywhere in his backpack.  In the past I have had a small shelf where he would put his binders.  Now that he is in high school, the number of binders has grown and he no longer needs the same binders daily.  Now he has an A day and B day.

This past weekend we went to Ikea to get him a new desk and to buy a shelf to put his binders and his textbooks on.  Due to his organizational issues, the school agreed to send home a copy of each of his textbooks.  While this doesn’t help him be “responsible on his own”, like the schools prefers, it does help prevent the “I forgot my book so I can’t do my homework syndrome” from happening.  It also helps me to see what he is studying while he is doing his homework.  I can then tweak how he will be studying for a test.  The more “boring” he feels a subject is, the more we have to make it active and interesting so it will help him focus.

When he was younger and doing spelling, we would make two sets of index cards.  I held one set, while my husband spread out another set in the next room.  Then I would say a word, spell a word and say go.  He and my husband would race to the next room searching for the card.  Whoever found it first would grab it and race it back to me, then say the word and spell the word.  Occasionally my husband would misspell a word and if my son caught it, then he could claim the word by spelling it correctly.  This was a great bonding experience for them and it also helped to discharge some of the massive amounts of energy my son has.  Now that he is older we have been struggling with ideas where we can help him but not take over for him.

KallaxHere is the shelf we purchased from Ikea.  It’s called Kallax.  We are going to do the left side for A Day binders at the top and books at the bottom.  The right side will be B day binders at the top and books at the bottom.  Hopefully this will be a marked improvement in helping to keep organized.

If anyone has any ideas on how to help a high schooler focus on studying the classes he doesn’t like, I would love to hear from you.






2 thoughts on “Homework Drop Spot

  1. Love so much about this post! As a teacher, it was always hard for me to get parents on board with having a consistent organizational system between home and school….you are like my dream parent! And the way you incorporate physical movement with practicing vocabulary? Fantastic!

    When I taught high school English, I had many studens who had a really hard time tackling length readings or getting started on writing a draft. I know it sounds bad, but most of the time the parents and I were most successful when we set up a clear rewards program. Some of the rewards I remember involved more screen time, getting to take the car out on a school night, etc.

    Keep on truckin’, mama!


  2. I think most of us are reward driven ( I am a praise junky). We are not above bribery in our house. If they don’t bring home their homework, the internet is not unlocked. This has helped my oldest to usually bring his homework home. We are also starting him on 10 minutes a day studying for a test 2 weeks away. It’s an effort to break down a large looming test into manageable bite sizes. Hopefully it will work. If it doesn’t, we will keep trying until we figure out what works. Thanks for the visit and you sweet comment!


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