Day 2 of Random Progress – I am Invisible

There is something not many people know about me.  I was reading a blog post by a fellow #write31day challenge member and I admired her courage and her ability to keep her sense of humor through out a difficult and personal issue.  She is going through much more than I believe I ever will.  I have maybe a 10th of the issues that she goes through.  What is it that people may not know.  I have an invisible disease.

This disease affects my body’s ability to process nutrition.  It affects my ability to go places and do things.  It makes me tired. It affects my choices of food to eat.  It gives me night sweats (no I’m not menopausal – yet).  My invisible disease is Chrons Disease.  This disease generally appears to people between 15 and 35.   It’s cause is unknown but it’s triggers are often what you eat and stress.  I can go in remission (which I now am in) and I can pop out of it by eating the wrong food, combination of food, stress, or food and stress.

Want to test your knowledge about Chrons?  Click here.

I am one of many, and we are Invisible!



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