31 Days of Random Progress

31smallI decided to join 31 Days which I found via Nesting Place.  I am freaking out because I’m to write and post every day for the month of October and all about one topic!  That’s 31 days of writing and I am already behind (yes, I know it’s a shocker).  Let’s do a quick recap: freaking about writing daily for a month, freaking because I am behind, and freaking because it’s all on the same topic! Why have I done this?  I can think of a few reasons for joining 31 Days.  Fear and procrastination are big ones for me.

Our 40 foot beast for the summerMy main reason is getting past the fear of trying something that scares me.  I want to show my kids they shouldn’t let fear stop them from trying new things.  Learning to face your fears and overcoming them is such a huge step for kids.  I feel it isn’t something you can teach your kids.  I firmly believe they learn by example.  This past summer I took a huge step and drove my kids in a 40 foot motor home all the way to Alaska and back.  Was I scared?  You betcha!  I didn’t want my fear to hold me back from an experience of a lifetime!  I was fortunate that my mom was willing to come along.  That helped to mitigate some of my fears but I still had to face them each day I hopped behind the wheel of a 36,000 lbs vehicle.  I worried about getting cut off, getting a flat tire, and causing an accident where my mom and I are somehow knocked out and unable to aid my kids (one is autistic).

I had to face these fears everyday of our summer trip.  We didn’t run into another lone female driver for our entire trip.  My oldest heard several women co-pilots of other rigs remarking that they couldn’t do it.  I told them sure you can.  You just have to face your fear, acknowledge it, then don’t let it stop you.  While my oldest has never said anything to me about my driving for the entire trip, I did hear him comment to his friend how his Mom drove the entire trip and heard his friends saying how cool that was and that they didn’t think their Moms would ever do that.

My other reason is that I am a procrastinator.  I think I need a support group for this, but then we would all procrastinate and never meet.  I have a tendency to put off the unpleasant stuff until tomorrow.  I have noticed this in my oldest child and I am positive he is modeling my behavior.  I have told him about the 31 day challenge and I am letting him know each day when I have successfully completed my mission (cue Mission Impossible theme song).   My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to write a daily blog and face my fear and post it anyway.  I have chosen to accept this mission, to face the fear of putting myself out there, and to get’er done.

The way I see it, I have made some progress in facing some of my fears.  Cha-Ching Random Progress #1 and only 30 more to go!  (mumbles to self, what was I thinking.)





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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Random Progress

  1. Way to go Karin! I’d be terrified to drive a Suburban, much less a motor home! I’m a fellow procrastinator with only 2 31 day posts up so far. I never looked at it that way, that 31 Days might help me conquer my procrastinating tendencies. We can only hope!


    • I am just as terrified of driving the motor home as I am at the thought of posting 31 days. Maybe we can start Procrastinators United…. Tomorrow. Thanks for the visit and comment.


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