Damn Spot Revisited

I know I am horribly behind in updating if the spots have returned or not.  I finally sat down to update everyone.  Here is the original post if you want to see the three ways I cleaned the spots off my carpeting.  I should have stated in my original post that I was only doing set in stains.  As in stains that have been there for years.  I can guarantee that all these spots were pet stains.  I had a beautiful golden retriever who would get mad when left alone and would leave us gifts.  As you can see, our study was one of her favorite places.

I did not try these diy stain removers on any recent stains as our current pet rarely uses the carpet for her bathroom.  Turns out if you let your dog out at 10pm then again at midnight and if they ask again at 3am, you should probably let them out unless you want to clean up diarrhea (don’t ask how I know this).

So on to the update.

With Dawn

spot botWith Iron





The first picture shows the area where I used Dawn (top corner near the blue tub).   The second picture is where I used the Spot Bot with Pet stain formula (by the office chair and our main desk).  Lastly, is the picture which shows where I ironed (by my smaller desk) .  After all this time, the Spot Bot is now the worst choice, Iron would be my second choice and using Dawn is still the Leader.   Based on my experience, I will continue to use the Dawn version.  I simply used a 2 cup measuring cup and put in 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide and a squirt of dawn.  I pulled out a clean scrub brush and dipped it in the mix then lightly scrubbed the stain.  Afterwards you blot the area dry.  I would give the Dawn method an A+ while the Iron method would get a B.  The iron method didn’t retain much dirt while the Dawn version didn’t retain any.  Needless to say, my spot bot is collecting dust after the stain reappeared.

Take Care Y’all


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