I have been doing a ton of painting recently. My spare bedroom,  my nephews room,  and now my mom’s guest room.

Well I think I have learned a harsh lesson today painting my mom’s guest room.  My parents house was built in 1970 and has the original drywall.   I now know that taping on old drywall is a delicate process.


wpid-cam00402.jpgI was so thrilled to find almost 3″ wide painters tape.   I always manage to get paint on either trim or the ceiling. With my carpal tunnel syndrome I have a difficult time holding a paintbrush for long periods of time. So I get very close with a roller and often hit the trim/ceiling. With the larger tape I didn’t hit the ceiling once!   I was totally a happy camper as it took half the time to cut in the paint..  Well,  I was happy until I pulled off the tape.



Sigh.   So now I have to repair the drywall or put up new crown moulding.  Needless to say, my mom voted for spending more money so we will be doing new moulding.

If you look closely you can see that I have been painting over paneling. I forgot my real camera but I will post
some pictures later showing the process we used to paint the paneling.


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