I’m feeling beige…

…and I really don’t like it. In an effort to make my husband happier (yes, I know I have let down women everywhere with that idea) I have painted my bedroom and the guest room beige. Now, I can live with it in my room as I have paired it with some dark brown velvet curtains and my bedspread is a blue-green with brown spots in a circular pattern. While it’s not quite done (although my husband thinks so), I can live with how it is. It’s the guest room that is killing me. It is like a monument to beige.

P1010075I have 2 beige’s on the ceiling in a grid pattern to hide the attic access and another beige on the wall (and yes I know I need to paint the circle that is around the fan from when it was just a light). The fan is necessary because my house is large and the A/C can only cool down 100+ temps during the summer if we use fans to help circulate the air. Out of everything in this room, the fan has to stay. Well that and the attic access. Well that and the furniture.  🙂

I can take down the grid and paint the ceiling white which would change the look of the room. I would need to get up and sand all the edges of the paint on each individual rectangle and I would have to fill in all the nail holes from the grid. I am totally not sure I would want to do that. However, I can easily paint over the 2 beiges on the ceiling to white which I think is my best bet. It would still help hide the attic access, but would also allow me to do a stencil, stripe or even a cool headboard. Right now with how the grid is, I feel it’s just to busy in the room to put in more patterns.

P1010074My other issue is that the comforter is not contemporary enough for me. I can’t truly complain as it’s from Pottery Barn and I paid $25.00 at a yard sale for a queen comforter and 2 shams. It has done its duty of having something for the room while I search for what I would like. However, I am having a hard time coming up with something that balances out the ocean of beige I have. I think I have finally reached the conclusion that I just have to paint the walls an entirely different color. I need to find the perfect duvet or comforter first though. If I can’t then I will be forced to use my very mediocre sewing skills and make a duvet.

I have found some fabric I love from calico corners and unless it goes on 50% sale, I just can’t bring myself to buy it. There is a floral and a solid velvet. The floral would be curtains and a bedskirt. The solid velvet would be the duvet cover. I know after splurging to have someone else upholster my papasan chair that I can’t justify paying for someone else to do it. In the meantime, I try to stay out of this room. This room doesn’t get much use.  Maybe once a year by guests and otherwise I stockpile tubs with items for future yard sales.

If anyone has an ideas or suggestions, please fire away.

Take care y’all


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