It has been quite a while since I posted.  Life has certainly been keeping all of us busy.  I am happy to say that my papasan chair came back from the upholsterers.  I absolutely love it.  I haven’t put it in my room where it belongs for two reasons.  The first is that I banged it into some white trim when I took it to get worked on and I need to fix that area.  The second is that the room is in total upheaval.  The bed in the room is being borrowed until October so things are a bit scattered around the room.

P1010671In the meantime, I have done a quick reupholster of some fold up chairs that are also being borrowed.  The original fabric was beige and with 2 young kids (and many more kids on Holidays) they are quite stained.  I bought some upholstery fabric for the chairs that would allow me to cover all 6 chairs.

P1010675First you need to gather a few tools.  I have a powershot staple gun (about $20 at a hardware store), staples (ack forgot to take a picture), screwdriver, hammer and scissors.

P1010673Next I unscrewed the seat from the chair.  Make sure that you have a container to hold all your screws so you don’t lose them.  I usually put them in a ziplock bag and tape them to the chair so they don’t get lost.

P1010677Place the seat bottom in the center of your fabric making sure that all sides will wrap around the seat.  This was my last chair and I had cut the fabric a bit short.  I should have given myself another inch.  Then put your staples into your staple gun.  I put a staple into the middle of the front of the chair.  This is the area most people will see first so I like to make sure that it looks good.  Once you have stapled down one side, switch to the opposite side.  This time you will pull the fabric taut while stapling once again in the middle.

P1010680P1010684Next comes the corners which are the hardest part.  I make little tiny pleats on the corner.  Then I use two or three staples to keep it in place.   Once done, I trim off the excess fabric and screw the bottom back on the chair frame.  It’s a fairly quick process. I didn’t time it, but I would estimate that its 5-10 minutes per chair depending on your skill level.

This is my favorite type of project it is quick and the results are immediate.

Take care y’all


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