Clean Up and Clear Out

There is something about January that causes many of us to have the urge to clean and organize.  For some it’s a new year’s resolution, for others it’s a way to fight the gray winter doldrums.  For me it’s my annual time to clean up and clear out our medicine cabinet.  This year I decided to add in a bit more organization.  One small tub wasn’t going to cut it.  I decided to get tubs for each shelf.

IMG_9093I started off with shelves that looked like this.  This would be my medicine on the lower shelf and general medicine and Pat’s medicine on the upper shelf.  There is actually one more shelf below mine which holds first aid items but it is absent from this photo.  I take one shelf at a time and I check all expiration dates.  Expired medication get disposed of according to the directions that came with them or this way.   This cabinet is deep as it’s a corner cabinet and I found a bunch of medicine from 2 years ago that I wasn’t aware of.  Next I organized the medicine by how often they are used. IMG_9094

I access mine three times a day so I made sure that the bin was really sturdy to take the daily use.  The other medicine is rarely used so I used a cheap bin I got from the dollar store.  I already had a basket that I used for our first aid supplies but it isn’t large enough.  Rather than get a larger unwieldy tub, I opted to split the supplies.  I have one farther in the back that holds all the extras while in the front one I have one box of each item we need.

IMG_9095I also did a tub for the kids medicine  in a separate cabinet and also a tub for Adult cold medicine.  I also have a guideline for giving medicine to children that I got a few years ago.  I really like it as it shows how to give Tylenol and Advil based on a child’s weight and age.  I find it’s easier to read than trying to read all the tiny print on the bottles.

My next project will be straightening up our study.  It has turned into my dumping ground for future projects, current long-term projects (scanning family pictures) and school paper mega pile.

‘Til next time.  See y’all later!


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