All Cracked Up!

I have to say that one word that I really don’t like when I am spray painting is cracking.  Generally when you use spray paint there are several rules of thumb.

1. Clean – Make sure what your painting is clean and free of dirt and dust.

2. Sand – Lightly sand what your painting so your paint will grip. (I do occasionally skip this step)

3. Prime – I don’t skip this step.  Priming allows your top coats of paint to grip what your painting.  Sanding also helps, but when I skip sanding (like my current chair) I always prime.

4. Mask – Wear a mask.  They sell them for a reason.  You totally do don’t need to be breathing in all the chemical fumes.

5.  Ventilate – Always have a ventilated area – again fumes

6. Temperature – MUST  be above 50.  There is a reason for this.  The paint will not adhere or spray properly in lower temperatures.


Now I followed all my rules and still ended up with this – cracks.  This happened for 2 reasons.  First, the outside temperature is 43 but I heated up my garage to counter this.  Second, I used my son thermometer from his Winter holiday project to track the temperature.  I will be making a run in a few minutes to home depot and get a better thermometer and a larger heater.  Apparently the cheap craft thermometer doesn’t work very well.

I will have to wait 24 hours to make sure its completely cured.  Then sand and prime it, then heat up my garage again.  Sigh. If only I had finished spray painting at the beginning of the month instead of going to help clean out a ton of stuff at my moms.  While it felt good to help, it would feel good to be able to park in my garage which is where the chair is located now. If you are looking for tips on spray painting, check out Centsational Girl.

‘Til next time.  See y’all later!


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