More of the Same

Today I am still working of the frame of the chair that will soon be re-upholstered.  If y’all remember from my last post the fabric is much to expensive for me to feel comfortable tackling it myself.  I have done one chair before and I have another (shhhhhhh Pat doesn’t really know) that I hope to do as soon as I find fabric.  My task for today was to finish priming the frame.

IMG_8616Previously I had primed 90% of the frame my favorite primer (Rustoleum Professional).  Today I got to pull off the fabric so that I could prime the inner part of the frame.  I could do a half-assed job and just prime the outer part, but I believe if your going to do it, you might as well do it right.  For those of you who haven’t taken off upholstery, let me tell you that it will help build some upper body strength.  The staples that people use are really fun (insert heavy sarcastic tone) to have to pull out by hand.  Each and every one of them.  If you are lucky when you pull the fabric off, you will get a bunch of the staples too.  I have yet to have that happen for me.  Sigh.

IMG_8617I use needle nose pliers to get rid of the staples.  There are two different ways I remove staples.  One is to simple put the tip of the pliers at the bottom of the staple and just pull straight out.  The other is to pull to the left or to the right.  I find that the more I pull straight on the old worn staples, the greater my chance for the staple to break and leave part of it in the chair.  I almost alway pull or twist the pliers to the right. To make it a little more entertaining, I often will chant while I pull out the staples.  Sometimes its and “He loves me, loves me not” chant.  Other times I use “This will look awesome, this will stink”.  Today I used “my husband will hate it, my husband will love it”.  Unfortunately I ended on he will hate it, but since it goes into my purple room he isn’t going to see it so it really doesn’t matter if he doesn’t like it.

After getting the last of the staples out, I vacuumed and then wiped down the inner part of the chair.  I found that I still had dust down in the crevices so I decided to take the bottom off the chair. I normally would have taken all the fabric off but I wanted to leave some on so the upholsterer could see how it was originally done.  You can see the bottom of the chair with the fabric still attached in a later photo.  Next I sprayed the rest of the chair.  I was sooo happy to see it all in primer gray as I knew the next step is to add a bit of color.

IMG_8611This brings me to the dilemma I had about the color.  I know I wanted a deep wood color (which is why I wanted to stain it in the first place)  Since I can’t have a real wood color, a solid was going to have to do.  I took an old cabinet door (from my moms old cabinet) and I sprayed each color on the door.  From left to right: Black, Kona, Espresso and Dark Walnut (with a little espresso on the end due to a mind fart – hey, they happen).  The furniture in the room is black, but I don’t like everything too matchy-matchy.  I figure a color that isn’t as harsh as black would be better.

IMG_8619And the winner is: Dark Walnut! Of course it is possible I can change my mind, but I doubt I will.  I belong to the once you decide it, you get ‘er done.  No being willy-nilly for me.  In this picture you can see the bottom of the base in the background with the fabric still attached.

Til next time.  See y’all later!


2 thoughts on “More of the Same

    • I was shocked that the Kona had so much red in it and that the Espresso was such a pale brown. They all claim that the lid color is the paint color but not this time!


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