Getting started

burletta heather

I am so happy that I finally found some fabric that I love.  My mom has this great swivel papasan chair that my nephew abused for 18 years and it desperately needs a make over.  I finally managed to pry it out of her hands about a month ago and I found this great fabric at Calico Corners.  It’s Burletta in heather/purple and guess where it’s going….. my purple room.  I know, totally shocking.  NOT.

I decided since the fabric is ridiculously expensive, that I would have them do the upholstering.  It’s going to be fairly complicated.  For the base they will need to take off an inner supportive frame and they will have to double the fabric as you will be able to see the fabric from the back of the chair and around the edges on the front.  Next they will have to do the actual seat cushion and that has turned out to be super expensive.  I am hoping they will be able to reuse the original pad, however, it is super lumpy so I think we will be stuck paying extra to replace it.  Then they get to do 15-17buttons and two straps to keep the cushion on the chair.


While I am waiting for my turn for them to upholster my chair, I am currently working on the frame.  I was hoping to re-stain the frame a darker expresso color, however there is some caning at the bottom.  After conferring with my cousin Cheryl (Thanks girl, you Rock!) I discovered that the caning will not take the stain.  I have decided to switch gears and to paint.  Since there are tons of nooks and crannies on this, I will be spray painting.  Wooo hoo!  Fumes!

Here is what I did —

IMG_8567Step 1 – Clean, clean, and clean. Wipe off all dust and clean with mild soap. Trust me, you don’t want to paint over dust unless you want your paint to crack and peel off.   Now, I remembered that I need to put a drop cloth down to protect my garage floors.

Step 2 – Very, very lightly sand with high grit sandpaper .  I used 200 grit.  This will help the primer to adhere to the frame. Now clean again to get rid of the slight amount of dust from sanding.  There won’t be too much because of the high grit of the sandpaper.
IMG_8568Step 3 – Spray Primer.  I love Rustoleum Professional spray primer.  Nice thick even coverage, and for an amateur like me, less likely to drip.  I turned the chair over which allowed me to spray the majority of the frame.  With nice even strokes, I sprayed the frame.  I almost always release the spray at the end of my stroke and start the spray again on the next stroke BEFORE the paint will touch the frame.

IMG_8571Step 4 – Do the Hokey Pokey and turn the chair around.  Ha Ha, yes I know, I am sooo funny.  So I turned the chair over and sprayed the areas I could’t reach earlier. The nice thing about the Professional spray is that it dries in 15 minutes.

Next – I will be sanding again with a higher grit 320 sandpaper, cleaning again and then finally spray painting a nice dark brown which, oops, I haven’t picked out yet.

Til next time – see y’all later!


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