Nerd, Geek, or Dork?

I LOVE technology! I’m a combination of nerd and geek. Nerd would be my constant reading of books. Geek would be my love of new technology. I have been trying to come up with a new word with combining the words.  Can’t use Gerd as it’s more widely know for reflux. Neek sounds like a combination of neat and geek. Then I decided to look up what the definitions are.

Nerd is someone with an extreme interest in a field of study and “Very likely to be a rocket scientist, a renowned yet reclusive professor, a scientist, an intellectual, a computer programmer, an engineer, an inventor, etc.”  Well crap, guess I’m not a Nerd as we all know I am so NOT a brainiac.

Geek is someone who has an interest in a specific area such as technology and can often spout out long-winded statements about it.  “Likely to be a gamer, a Star Trek fan, technologically enthused, a film series/book series buff, a free-spirited (not malevolent) technology hacker, a creator of unusual objects (artist, etc.).  Well hell, that’s me but not me. I love certain video games, Star Trek (yes all of them) if I find a book I like and there is a series I read them all, but I certain dont spout out long-winded statements about it.

Dork is someone who is totally socially inept and is obsessive – intelligence is NOT required.  So totally, mostly, better not be me. I would say I’m socially inept around a bunch of my husbands coworkers when they are talking work so that doesn’t count.

For an easier way to look at it:

Want to find out which you are check out OKCupid.  They have a nerd, geek, or dork test.  Want to know what I am?

Now I don’t know if I am relieved or irritated to discover that what I have always labeled myself is not true or if (gasp) I’m irritated at being called Joe Normal.  Joe Cool would have been so much better.   Wait… is there a test for that too?


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