Totally Random

I have decided I want to try to learn something new. I am enjoying how easy it is to post with wordpress, but its only customizable to a point. I am going to need to learn code so I can make the website look how I feel it should. I am not going to pay someone to do what I can learn to do myself and I am entirely too stubborn to ask my husband for help. (shocker I know) I just want to express myself (and yes Madonna’s song is floating through my head). Dang, that shows how old I am doesn’t it. I have learned a few things over the last month or so.

I was happy to figure out how to add a widget. I almost, but not quite, want to add so many that people will be amazed at my new blogger prowess. Is it sad that I was sooo happy that I figured out how to add a follow me on Pinterest widget? Is it sad that I was on Pinterest for over an hour the other night? How sad is it that I have a Pin it button on my bookmark bar?

I have learned that I hate typing on an ipad (constantly have to wipe off fingerprints), so I bought a cover on sale that came with a rubbery keyboard. I used it three times and it now sits in my yard sale electronics bin. I finally caved and bought one from Brookstone with a real keyboard. Now when I hit a key the letters actually show up instead of random letters like with the rubbery keyboard.

I have also learned to just type my thoughts daily. Occasionally I gather them and use them as a post. On a totally random note, I am almost done with re-tiling my bathroom after eight months. 3-4 months of seasonal depression bites! At least I will be able to post pictures soon. Hopefully most of the pictures will be from my real camera instead of my phone. I really need to start downloading them after I take them and before I move to the next step. I’m always in a hurry so I always have several blurry shots.


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