Smiling again…

I am so happy to be smiling again.  The last 3 months have been a bit grey and very long.  With the change in time and surprisingly warm days, I have actually finally gotten motivated to get some things done.  Not that I haven’t done anything since my last post.  I have occasionally straightened up a room, done some laundry and put the clothes up in the kids room.  There is just something about Spring that makes me want to get things done.

I have gone through the upstairs guest room where I stash everything for future yard sales.  It was a total mess!  I pulled out some trusty tubs and set them on the bed then went through everything and put all like items in each tub.  I had a tub for kids clothes, kids toys, books, electronics and home misc.  The tubs are now stacked in the closet and in the room as I ran out of space in the closet.  At least I will get some pocket-money after the yard sale to go get other projects to drive my husband crazy with.I still have my study and a room in the basement to go through. Oh, and I have to go through the kids rooms as well as all the toys that are scattered around the house.

I like to have  a plan of attack before I begin.  I like to start upstairs in the bedrooms.  Once these rooms are cleaned and everything is sorted and put away, in a drawer or tub for the yard sale, I will be less likely to dump items in the room that I have to bring up from the main floor.  Since I have 2 boys, I go through my youngest room first.  This allows me to clear out room for anything that his older brother has outgrown.  Then I hit my oldest son’s room which is the most dangerous as you never know what you will find (even though food and drinks are banned from their rooms).  I then like to go through my room and send out my comforter for cleaning .  I shift around my clothes and shoes so my spring summer items are easier to reach and I head down to the main floor.

I also like to use tubs on the main floor.  I set one up for each bedroom and just start dropping off items into the tub.  When a tub is full I take it up to the specific room and put all items where they belong (since I already cleaned it, I won’t want to just dump it and run).  This is the most dangerous part as I often run out of steam and once I take a break its hard to motivate myself to finish.  You might find it easier to split it into 2 days, I just like to get it all over with.

Here is my next organizing project which is a bit daunting.  Somewhere in there are 3 tubs full of photos from my moms that I want to organize so she can actually go through and look at them.

Sorry it’s a bit blurry, I used my iPhone.  I will again drag out my trusty tubs and get to sorting.  The photos however will be an ongoing project so the tubs will stay in this space while I work on it.  If you think this is bad you don’t want to see my room in the basement which I hope to turn into a craft room.  It has turned into a dumping ground and I am determined to get it straightened up and set up so I don’t mess it all up again.

At least I’m not at hoarder level and everyone else can feel better knowing that my house is worse than theirs is.


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