What’s wrong with the world today?

Isn’t there enough going on in the world today? Must we drag up gender and stereotypes?  Why does a big company get bashed for attempting to pull more girls into using its product that encourages creativity, spatial planning and engineering skills?  Apparently there are several petitions around that want Lego to do gender neutral advertising and to no longer produce a product that was created to encourage young girls interests in building and engineering.

First, let’s go into some detail about a company that was founded in 1932 and still remains the family business (a miracle in this day and age).  You can read more about the Lego brand here.  One of the many things I find fascinating about Lego, is their dedication to quality.  They could easily make a cheaper product, but in doing so they would be breaking a long-held tradition.  Another tradition began in 1963.  Unlimited potential for boys and girls to include development of your imagination and creativity.

Now lets look at Marketing.

Here is a picture that floated around Facebook a bit ( I admit I sent it around as well).  This is a great picture and easily could have been me except I wasn’t nearly this cute.  However this shows that only tomboys play with legos, not necessarily that girls play with legos.  Lego did extensive marketing for over 4 years before producing the Lego Friends line. What is so heinous about this line.  Well, it’s marketed towards girls.  Gasp, you mean just like dolls such as the American Girl phenomena that has swept the country?  How dare Lego come out with mini-figures that appeal more towards what girls have traditionally played with since the 50’s (Barbie’s).

You might wonder at what the response to such gender biased marketing would produce.  

Empty shelves are what happened.  A good friend went back the same day to get more for her daughter at the Lego store and they were wiped out of stock.  I’m thinking their marketing strategy is paying off.


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