Yes I am grumpy today – well, grumpier than usual.  I want to cry as I totally messed up on painting a clothes hamper for my mom.  This totally says it all for me today.

I started off the day pretty darn happy.  I sanded with an extra fine sanding block on the first spray coat of paint.  Once I sprayed the first side with its second coat, I was thrilled with how it was going.  I figured that I was going to need a third or fourth coat, but if I was lucky I could get by with two.  I know the rules for spray painting furniture. Tips are here. Well I just had to try to get it all done and as you know “drips” happen.

I am not doing as well with my patience resolution.  So I will continue to try daily to be more patient with my mom (was grumpy with her the other day) and to try not to rush things.  It will take even longer time now that I will have to go back and repair it.

No time was saved in my effort to hurry.  I need to learn to relax and not rush so much.  Maybe I will put on some of the soundscapes & lullaby music I have listened to at night.  I think listening to something slower and soothing may help me to not rush through projects.  What do you guys think?


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