When I think I’m sooo smart

Something like this comes along. I know the steps, you would think I learn. Nooooooo. I decided to work some more on the playroom bathroom today. Knowing that I have limited time before I have to go pick up my youngest from school. So I grab a tub, mortar and proceed to mix it. It goes all over the place. Now did I do this in the garage – nope. I chose the laundry room. I did get it all cleaned up but my throw rug, newish sweatpants and thankfully older tennis shoes are shot to hell. How could this happen to such a brilliant person you ask? Well I got cocky. I used the cordless drill mortar paddle. You know the one I use for mixing up BIG batches of mortar. I use the small tubs for hand mixing my mortar. Needless to say the pictures show it best.





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