It’s Time, It’s time, it’s time, it’s time, IT’S TIME!

I have made a gigantic (no weight jokes please) decision.  (drum roll please..)  I am moving my scale out of my bathroom.  My reasons behind this momentous decision?  Guilt – thanks Mom!  I get on the scale, see I have not lost weight, or worse gained weight, and then go and eat because I’m now depressed.  It’s a never-ending cycle!  It’s time we all broke the chains that bind us to the scale.  Viva la revolution! (say it with a french accent)

That’s right, I am calling for a revolution against the chains that bind us to our scales.  No longer shall we be guilt ridden (driven) with the un-natural powers that they hold over us.  Break the chains people!

I was thinking today that I’m a perfect 12.  Isn’t that better than the usual 1-10 scale that people often use for people?  So if I am a 12, I am off the chart fabulous!  I am going to start using my clothing as my scale.  If they are getting lose, great! If they aren’t then I know to not go and pick up a cookie to snack on and I will grab some carrots instead.

Who will join me in my scale revolution!  Yes this means you!




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