Why get done today what can wait until tomorrow

In the past week have totally put off what I was going to get done (gasp! Yes it is shocking). My only accomplishment was to pick up dog food and get new tires on the SUV. Well that and add a few more items to my list of what i am doing on monday since the kids are off of school.

So I think I need some punishment for when i don’t get my work done and I don’t mean the stockade kind of punishment. I am currently thinking along the lines of take the dog for a one hour walk, one less hour playing my favorite online game. But wait, taking the dog for a one hour walk as punishment is also one hour less online for my favorite game. In a way I would be punishing myse

lf twice. I would say returning something I have bought recently but other than groceries I have only purchased a laundry basket.

I could use cleaning as punishment. Maybe go clean the playroom bathroom without nose plugs? I do have two boys and that really would be a punishment. I was thinking of putting this on the wall.

click here for their site.

I’m afraid that they will laugh and make an even bigger mess which totally defeat s the purpose. By the way, at what age does cleaning the toilet become a chore and not child slavery? Inquiring minds want to know.


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