To Resolute or Not

Hmmm. Every year I think about New Years Resolutions. Some years I choose to make them and others I don’t. So I am working on a list of Resolutions and I need a little feedback.

1. Completely complete one DIY project each month – this is because I seem to get my projects 90% complete and stop. This drives my husband crazy. So I can use this as a Christmas gift for him as well. Two for one deal.

2. Sneak in healthier food for my kids. They aren’t eating enough heathy foods as the list of their acceptable fruits and veggies is very low. Barilla’s new piccolini line is great for my oldest. He actually liked the spinich wheel pasta. Might have somethning to do with it being green which is his current favorite color.

3. To say nicer things about people who I am unhapppy about. Maybe this will help me to watch what I say more often. While blunt speaking (only way I know how) is ok, what venom I can add is not.

4. To lose 15 more pounds by summer. Which means exercising. Sigh… this is the hardest one for me. I am eating much better than this time last year. Actually leaving my computer off and exercising is the problem.

5. Last but certainly not least – be Patient. Take more time too be patient wih my mom and kids. Yes it can get done faster if I do it instead, but how are they going to learn.

So should I add more in or change them up?

May you and yours have a joy filled holiday season and a Merry Christmas!


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