It’s that time of the year….

It’s a time for racing around on black friday trying to find deals, hunting for THE most popular gift that you can’t find any where and thinking of Christmas’s past.  I entered a giveaway for a free Dremel tool today and I needed to post a favorite holiday memory.  There were some lovely posts about baking cookies, visiting grandparents and such.  I promptly decided it’s just not me to post anything so sticky sweet.  I decided to share the gift of brotherly love I received one year from my younger brother for his only sister.

I have 2 brothers, one I don’t talk to as we are completely different people and we really don’t like each other, and my beloved younger brother. (by the way beloved is a play on words with David’s name but that is another story)  Being the youngest in the family, David is the jokester of the family.  He can find humor in almost anything and has a dry acerbic wit. A long, long time ago – oops wrong story. Back when we were in high school we had a large dog that we had gotten from the shelter.  Well, being the young unhelpful teens that we were, we neglected our duties to the poor pooch and he must have used the house for a movement.  Well my brother decided to wrap up some poo in a box and gift it to me for Christmas.  At the time I was pretty ticked, but it is a story I think about every year and causes my family endless chuckles and tears of laughter when we think about it.

Anyone care to share any unusual Christmas stories?  Or even just your fondest holiday memory?


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