The second most wonderful time of the year!

I’m starting to dream big again. Unfortunately (or fortunately if your my husband) I know my dream isn’t going to be a reality. In our home Halloween rivals Christmas when it comes to decorating. Our home is THE HOME to go to if you want to risk peeing in your pants. Halloween is almost here and we are going to have a run though this saturday at our youngest child’s fall festival as his school. We had hoped the county would let us use two school buses to make a “kid friendly” bus and a scary bus. Unfortunately the county has said no. Back to using the gym, we will be borrowing a few 10×10 shade canopy’s and making a Haunted Trail.

This first half of the trail will be fairly simple. A Haunted pumpkin patch leading to a graveyard. This will have some (duh) pumpkins, bales of hay, spiders and rats. The second half is where we are going to be making kids sleep in their parents room that night. Zombies, fog machines, sensor switches, strobe lighting.

It was a huge success. We did have several parents who totally ignored me when I explained how scary the second area is. Pat (my better half) and I had discussed earlier that if a parent ignored my warning about how scary it is that he wasn’t going to hold back. And he totally didn’t. Needless to say we had several Kids screaming their heads off.

We also had about 40 kids back out of the entrance to the second area once they realized it wasn’t as friendly as the first area. The majority of the kids loved it and went through again and again and again. I call that a successful event!


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