I swear I have lost my mind…

But I am never quite sure if I have totally lost it or not.  Sometimes, its quite apparent I have totally shut down.  You can usually tell as I go from start raving looney to my nose in a book or a game (currently Edgeword).  It’s my sanity break and isn’t quite understood by my husband or family.  It generally happens when I begin to take on too many projects.  Like how my sons are now in two different school which means double the volunteering.  So instead of just doing one volunteer job for the 5k fun run this weekend, I now have 2 jobs on top of helping with the new school dedication and fundraiser distribution.  On top of that I have a yard sale on Saturday, trying to still finish the server (still torn between paint colors), my son doesn’t want to go to gymnastics or tutoring, homework, dinner…. you get the point.

When is enough, enough?  In the past it has been easy for me to say No.  I was 40 lbs heavier and totally not in the mood to deal with people when I didn’t even like myself that much.  Now I feel better (about 1 size from great, 2 from fantastic) and I know its time I paid my volunteering dues.  The problem is that when I sign up to volunteer I’m thinking this is great and I can do it no problems, I seem to forget that everything adds up.  On top of it, I never seem to remember to put it on the calendar so I can keep track of everything.  The school is trying to help by going with a new program http://www.volunteerspot.com

Now the program is great.  It helps the school keep track of how many volunteer spots they have and who has signed up for what.  The main issue is that there is no way for this to get linked to my calendar.  What happens is I end up volunteering for a couple of spots, not putting it on my calendar as I am on the computer, then forgetting about it until I get a reminder email right before the event.  So I am thinking, until they fix this vital flaw, I should be able to get out of volunteering right?

Uh no, thanks Mom for the built in guilt monster.  She did such a good job instilling guilt so I wouldn’t do anything inappropriate, that I now feel guilty not doing things that I am capable of doing and helping out others.  Life is sooo unfair at times.  Sigh.  What’s a girl to do? What are you guys doing to keep track of whats happening in your busy lives?


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