Some times I am proud to be sneaky!

Face it, as a mom you have to be sneaky. How else can you get a child who doesn’t like to eat veggies to eat them. Other than carrots, my boys don’t like veggies. They must have inherited this from their father who does not eat anything green or nutritious. His mom tried, but facing a child who wouldn’t eat she caved. I don’t blame her.

I went to the grocery store yesterday and Barilla has come out with a new product line piccolini which are smaller versions of their regular pasta. I grabbed them up. Two of them have, gasp ,1 serving of vegetables in them. I asked my oldest, who is very much pickier than his father, if he would like to try the green wheel pasta or the red bow tie pasta. Even though there were other non colored pastas there he chose the rotelle (wheel for us regular people). Being 11 he reads quite well so I’m betting he didn’t bother reading that is is made from vegetables.

Now I did not hid the label from him but I also didn’t encourage it or tell him. So I’m torn between whether I should feel guilty or not. On a side note he ask for them again the next night. Score!!!


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