Ok so I was wrong

The next post was to be about the steps for tiling a bathroom. However, being a woman, I changed my mind! I know how shocking ī„‡. So my carpal tunnel kicked in (and my back kicked out a little) so I have taken a break from tiling. Now my break should have included doing things that don’t require repetitious hand movements (duh). So what did I choose? Spray paint.

I know, I know I really should know better (and I do) but I often refuse to let it dictate what I can and can’t do. So do you remember my oh yeah high five free find from a couple of weeks ago? That beautiful free broyhill console/server? I went back and forth on whether to strip it, sand it and stain it deep java brown or to lightly sand it and paint it. And the winner is (insert drum roll here)…

Paint! Now before wood purists freak out and come storm my house in protest. I actually prefer stained wood. With the traditional lines of this piece I felt it would fit in with my more modern theme if it was painted. It’s amazing how paint can totally change the vibe you get from a piece of furniture. Now I originally thought to paint this a deep yummy plum, but the more I think about it a dark charcoal would rock it. It would give this traditional piece of furniture a modern edge.

Nothing could disguise the traditional doors of this piece other than buying/making new ones. Both of those options are beyond me. So along with the paint I am changing the knobs. I had thought about painting the original knobs a brushed nickel but the original style is waaay to traditional. Now a smart cookie would have gone ahead and filled in the holes and just drilled new ones when i found the perfect knobs, but I forgot (another shocker I know). So I have to find knobs that will fit these holes. I have seen some I really like however they cost more and I want to keep the price down since I had to buy spray primer.

Ahh the beauty of rustoleum professional spray primer. Normally I absolutely stink at spray painting. However I am now thinking it the cheap paint I have tried in the past. While not OMgosh expensive, it does cost more than the $2.00 cheap stuff from kmart that I have used on my Halloween fencing. It barely covered and ran like a pro marathoner. So now the I’m in another pickle. I had originally planned on moving the piece to where it will soon be placed permanently and just paint it there. This would free up my husband’s parking spot, which he needs tomorrow, and would allow me to get an idea of what else the space needs. However, with how nice the spray paint covered, I’m wondering if I should spray paint it instead. So let’s go over the pros and cons.

Brush/roller painting:
Pro: hubby would have his parking spot and the garage wont smell like spray paint.
Con: painting could show roller/brush marks and look home done. Take longer for the paint to cure.

Spray painting:
Pro: finish would look more professionally done with no brush marks. Will dry quickly.
Con: probably can’t get out of the garage as I won’t want to damage the paint. Moving it into the house will probably mean I scuff it somehow.

What’s a girl to do? Any suggestions?



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